After several years manufacturing and installing electric signs, Steve Atkins decided to launch a magazine for the electric sign industry. In a short period of time, Sign Builder Illustrated quickly became one of the most sought after publications in the industry. In 1994, a publisher made an offer that Steve couldn’t refuse. The publisher hired Steve as a consultant for the next two years.

Once that contract was up,  Steve came with Carolina Coast & Lakes, a waterfront land development company, one month after they opened the North Carolina division in 1998, and within three months, he was promoted to sales manager. Steve’s wife, Rennie came with the company, and within ten months, the two of them sold 42 of the company’s 57 lots in Dowry Creek at Belhaven, North Carolina.

In the next few years, Carolina Coast added on Stephen, Steve and Rennie’s son, and one other salesperson. The last full year (2002) that Steve was with the company, he and his team put over $11 million of waterfront-related building lots under contract.

Because of the long commute and other reasons, Steve then decided to leave CC&L to form his own real estate firm. Rennie and Stephen also resigned CC&L to come with the new firm, Waterfront Professionals, Inc. Later, they would form Experience Realty to incorporate homes and non-water-related real estate into their offerings.

Steve, Rennie and Stephen have resolved to apply the same principles and efforts that they used to sell for other developers as they did when they made Carolina Coast and Lakes a huge success. Waterfront Professionals and Experience Realty was formed to serve developers and individuals such as yourself the opportunity to have your properties successfully marketed by a team of professionals.

In 2013, a new marketing concept was introduced in Cypress Landing, a waterfront and golfing community of 600 homes where Steve and Rennie live. This plan was to begin offering a 3% full service listing. It turned out to be a huge success that quickly put Steve as the sales leader in the community for the next few years.

Experience Realty will begin expanding in 2018 in celebration of the Atkins’ 20th anniversary in real estate. In early 2018, they will begin offering their unique 3% listing service to other areas. They also will be adding seasoned real estate professionals to their team, offering those individuals a unique program whereby they can keep 100% of their commission.

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